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The Crystal Textbook, Illustrated Second Edition

The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment

The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate

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The Crystal Textbook, Illustrated Second Edition

The Crystal Textbook, Illustrated Second Edition Format: eBook
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The Up-to-Date Stone

Charoite is one of the crystals of consciousness. It is purple, so the assumption can be made that the soul is involved. Further, and similar to Amethyst, Charoite works with the upper frequency ranges of the third eye chakra.

Structure is paramount to the way that Charoite works. The stone has a purple mass, with silvery inclusions that swirl in random patterns. Light flowing through the random swirling purple and silvery mass cannot flow in a straight line. There is no linear flow to the way light moves through Charoite. The randomness of the stone’s structure is important as will soon be made apparent.

Charoite Pendant

To fully explain what Charoite does, some background about the body’s etheric magnetic field needs to be illuminated. The etherics constitute a magnetic field, which surrounds everything: the physical body, its cells and organs, both animate and inanimate objects, the planets, and so on. The etheric magnetic field surrounds all parts of creation. It also carries the light that generates your aura. There is an etheric magnetic field, and subsequently, an aura for everything.

Accordingly, a person’s third eye has an aura and an etheric magnetic field. The etheric field is responsible for the attraction of light frequencies that are compatible with the third eye, and the repulsion of frequencies that are not compatible. Because the etheric field emanates out from the source form that it surrounds, the patterns of the field perfectly reflect the vibration of that source. In this case, the etheric magnetic field perfectly reflects the vibration of the third-eye chakra. The patterning of the etheric field, through which light frequencies flow, is determined by the body’s vibration, but is, therefore, limited to its vibration. The flow of light through the human body follows the etheric patterns.

As with any etheric magnetic field, the etheric field of the third eye can pose a problem. While the etherics are intended to attract and repel light to enhance vibration, they have a tendency to block a portion of the light that would be beneficial. The most prominent example is the Earth itself. When the Earth was in its infancy, its vibration and subsequent etheric magnetic field was very low and dense, and could only work with a very narrow range of the lowest and densest light frequencies. Earth’s etherics repelled a great many of the frequencies that could have contributed to the Earth’s enlightenment. Similarly, the third eye’s etheric magnetic field can also be in a state of immaturity that works with denser and lower ranges of light frequencies. It, too, can set up an etheric field pattern that repels frequencies that the devotee needs to work with to create her thought-forms and to move forward on her spiritual path to enlightenment.

Charoite’s random, swirling patterns and purple hues bring in soul-level light frequencies that move around within the stone according to the stone’s patterns. Normally, the light coming into the third eye follows the patterns of the chakra’s etheric magnetic field. When Charoite is placed upon the third eye chakra at the forehead, the light it brings follows the stone’s patterns as opposed to following the etheric field patterns. In essence, as directed by Charoite, the in-coming soul-light overpowers the third eye’s etheric magnetic field, disrupts it, and destroys its entrenched patterns. It chops the field up. The soul’s energies come from all different directions and in different intensities and polarities by following Charoite’s random configuration. The swirling soul-light simply chops up and gets rid of the etheric magnetic field patterns that emanate out from the user’s third eye chakra. It destroys the patterning, but does not remove the etheric field itself. Consequently, the light does not flow through the third eye as it had been flowing prior to applying Charoite.

Charoite Tumbled Stone

Normal practice would be to place Charoite on the third eye or forehead for 20-25 minutes. During that time, the random swirling motions of the soul’s light frequencies go to work on the old etheric patterns of the third eye. When you take Charoite off of your third eye, the etheric magnetic field will re-establish itself simultaneously. The new etheric field will project a new pattern that conforms to the vibration of the third eye as it is in the now-moment.

The old pattern conformed to the vibration of the third eye as first established, but as time moved forward, it became ossified. For the third eye to work through-the-old-pattern was like wearing blinders. You could see, but only a certain amount, and only in limited directions. The full view of a person’s world was constricted by the narrow ranges of light that were attracted and repelled by the old pattern of the etheric magnetic field. By using Charoite, the old pattern is destroyed, after which it re-establishes as soon as the stone is removed from the forehead to reflect the pattern according to the current vibration of the third eye. The newly established pattern then attracts and repels an up-to-date range of light frequencies that are consistent with the vibration of the third eye as it is now. The etherics attracts the light the third eye needs, and repels the light it does not need. The third eye then works as it was intended, free of the restrictions of the old etheric pattern.

Imagine the difference to a person’s thoughts and contemplations when the third eye works to attract and repel the light that conforms to its current vibration.

Because Charoite refreshes the etheric magnetic field pattern, according to the third eye’s current vibration, Charoite is the ‘up-to-date’ stone.

Monoclinic, K(Ca,Na)2Si4O10(OH,F)•H2O,
Mohs hardness: 5-6, Violet, lilac, light brown
Using Charoite

Charoite needs to be placed directly on the third eye chakra or forehead because its in-coming light frequencies need to interfere with the existing etheric magnetic field patterns. This is not a stone that will work as it was fully intended from a distance. The etheric magnetic field moves Charoite’s frequencies from elsewhere in the body as it does with the light from so many other crystals. However, the reconfiguration of the third eye’s etheric field requires near proximity. While using it as a pendant will bring the frequencies of the soul to the user, and while those soul-frequencies will be delivered to the third eye by the etherics, the turbulence of Charoite’s random, swirling energies will have no affect when not placed on the third eye.

In a crystal layout, placing Charoite directly on the forehead is appropriate. Using ‘nursing’ tape will help to secure it in place on the forehead, which will also allow the stone’s user to move about. Don’t forget to remove it before going out in public.

As mentioned, using Charoite for 20-25 minutes is common practice. Any less time and it may not complete its job of disruption of the etheric field. More time is just not necessary. Once Charoite is removed from the forehead, the third eye’s etheric magnetic field reestablishes itself automatically and immediately.

What to expect using Charoite

Because Charoite disrupts the steady flow of light into the third eye, having a conscious experience when using it is unlikely. The third eye will be suffering from the turbulence created by the stone’s swirling, random flow of light. Hence, while Charoite is at work, the mind cannot properly articulate thought-forms, visions, and awareness.

The ossification that sets into the etheric magnetic field patterns of the third eye chakra due to living in a comfortable and unchanging environment produces a world-view that is also ossified. The etheric field attracts and repels a rather narrow range of frequencies, thus giving the third eye and mind an equivalent narrow range of frequencies by which to construct thought-forms. This is stuck thinking. This is life-in-the-box. With very little new light to work with, the individual has very few new ideas, cannot formulate better solutions to problems encountered, and does not experience new insights or revelations.

When Charoite disrupts the third eye’s etheric field, it changes the third eye’s former inventory of available light frequencies. The newly configured field attracts and repels a significantly different range of frequencies. The stone’s user may not immediately notice this change because the new etheric pattern is established to precisely reflect the third eye’s vibration as it is in the now-moment. The rigid and narrow patterns are destroyed, but the pattern that replaces the old one is not a futuristic epiphany. The new pattern is simply up-to-date. Some lag-time can be expected as the etheric field begins to attract ranges of light frequencies that are consistent with the new pattern. Accordingly, a person may not notice the changes without carefully reflecting on how she saw the world before using Charoite. Nonetheless, the up-to-date etheric pattern of the third eye chakra attracts and repels light without the former limitations thus offering an expanded inventory of light by which the world can be perceived. Liberation of one’s thinking is the inevitable result of using Charoite.

The Crystal Textbook: Available from Amazon HERE.

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The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment

The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment Format: eBook, Paperback
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: ‎ Enabled
Screen Reader: ‎ Supported
Enhanced typesetting: ‎ Enabled
Word Wise: ‎ Enabled
Print length: ‎ 169 pages
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1.4 The Call

God’s presence and her expansion on Earth were in motion. God, however, was not happy with Earth’s extremely slow progress. She issued a divine call for help throughout the universe. All beings of light and love from every part of creation were invited to serve in the enlightenment of the Earth and its third-dimensional vibration. Volunteers stepped forward. You and I, and all the other souls of the beings on Earth, volunteered to bring light where light had never been before.

Earth needed volunteers to take physical forms to work directly on the physical plane, and it also needed discarnate volunteers who did not take physical forms to serve from positions in the heavens. The angels stepped forward as both incarnate and discarnate beings to transmute the immense divine power of love from the highest places in creation directly onto the Earth.

Angels were easily recognized for their devotion and willingness to answer the call, but many other beings need recognition as well. The Earth’s plant kingdom sent its legions, as did the animal kingdom. Through their roots and photosynthesis, plants anchor sunlight directly into the Earth. Every member of the animal kingdom is a receiving station for consciousness that radiates light wherever it goes. Fairies, elves, and gnomes, who live at a vibrational level just above or just below the third dimension, came to serve the Earth as the cultivators of light. The nature spirits took on the important task of providing harmonic order to the cycles of life on Earth. Untold thousands of mineral formations arrived to serve as gateways for the direct transmission of light onto the physical plane. Each expression of creation that descended into the third dimension, consciously chose to answer the call. God’s legions stepped forward as wilful volunteers in the greatest challenge of all—the enlightenment of Earth.

As the volunteers took on the mantle of third-level vibration, they became immersed in the extreme density of Earth. They were soon overwhelmed. Their ability to contribute to the divine will became encased in the limitations of physical vibration, and their consciousness on Earth slipped into profound dormancy. In truth, they fell asleep as soon as they arrived and lost all remembrance of their original purpose, as well as their connection with their higher selves. Their quest to fulfill God’s will had to wait.

Millenniums of time would pass before Earth’s vibration rose enough to accommodate the delicate light frequencies of consciousness needed to awaken the sleeping volunteers.

The problematic and slow beginning is also attributed to the Earth’s will to receive light. During Earth’s infancy, Earth was unable to focus energy wilfully. This meant that Earth was unable to generate the magnetic field patterns necessary to direct and stabilize the flow of incoming light. Frequencies scattered haphazardly. Light was lost. Consequently, growth and the expansion of Oneness were hardly noticeable.

Light coming to Earth was unable to move through the turbulent and dense magnetic field emanating from the planet’s unstable form. Earth had yet to find the will to concentrate the flow of light effectively into the patterns that allowed assimilation.

Ultimately, the difficulty facing Earth’s will arose from the same problem facing any being of light on the third dimension. The problem was a lack of knowledge. Light-beings from the higher dimensions had no body of wisdom to draw upon to obtain guidance. The third dimension was, as yet, an alien place. Although Earth willingly faced the challenges of the unknown, all that was known had to come from first-hand experience. Solving the Earth’s problems meant living in the third dimension.

Do you remember answering the call?

The created universe began to unfold. You volunteered to serve the will of God by taking the ride to Earth. You braced yourself! Your ride ticket read:

God’s Roller Coaster Company
Good for one ride, one-way
Destination: Earth

Do you remember taking your place in line in the departure lounge of the Godhead? Do you remember thinking how brave you were to serve the will of God on Earth in the third dimension at the very edge of creation even before the beginning of time? The task did not appear to be all that complicated. How difficult could the enlightenment of Earth really be? Heaven was still heaven as far as the eye could see.

The roller coaster departed and your journey began. Moving outward from the Godhead, you encountered the upper heavens. As you held on tightly to your seat, creation passed before you faster and faster. Soon enough, the ride dipped steeply and accelerated. Everything became a blur. You rocketed past dimension after dimension, farther and farther from the Godhead. The rush offered no opportunity to appreciate the sights along the way. Creation was all around, but the light of the Godhead centre quickly fell behind. Darkness loomed ahead. Endless time went by. The light turned to darkness. You knew not where you were.



The roller coaster stopped, abruptly depositing you on Earth. The extreme density of physical vibration blocked your consciousness. Memory faded and disappeared. Where did you come from? What did you come to do? Did you pass through the heavens? Did you pass out of the upper dimensions? What are the upper dimensions? Are you the expression of creation? What is the lighted universe? What is the light? God? Who are you? You have just arrived on the third dimension. What is the third dimension?

The memory of who we truly are here on Earth has long been shrouded in the mists of time. What do we really know about how we came to be on Earth or why we are here? The unique and personal purpose each of us volunteered to fulfill is an irreplaceable piece in the grand design sent down from the heavens. We are an important part of the quest to fulfill God’s will on Earth. We are here because we answered the call.

The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment: Available from Amazon HERE.

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The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate

The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate Format: eBook, Paperback
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: ‎ Enabled
Screen Reader: ‎ Supported
Enhanced typesetting: ‎ Enabled
Word Wise: ‎ Enabled
Print length: ‎ 402 pages
Available from Amazon Kindle HERE.

The Light between the Shadows

Some light frequencies that have found their way onto the physical plane have a frequency rate at the upper end of the vibrational scale; some are at the lower end. Although the variation within the range is not extreme, the higher frequencies interact with physical form differently than the lower frequencies. Divinity’s grand design promises to bring light, whether high or low, into places where light cannot easily pass into physical form.

A cave, the shadow of a mountain, a space under the soil surface, or anywhere else that blocks sunlight harbours darkness. These are the dark spaces found only on the physical plane. The problem is how to penetrate into light-less space. Each enclave of darkness must find the light to adequately carry out the needs of those creatures dwelling within.

At the other end of the scale, when an individual sits for meditation, the physical light of the Sun or Moon is also absent. Meditation, however, brings an abundance of higher light frequencies, exclusive of the light available within the physical range. The meditating person attunes to a range of frequencies that are contiguous with the physical light spectrum, but not identical to it. These frequencies resonate with numerous higher levels of consciousness and with the physical plane. They work in different dimensions and in parallel to physical frequencies.

Infrared and ultraviolet light are at the peripheries of the physical plane’s rainbow spectrum and outside of the human eye’s normal range of sensory perception. The range of frequencies, which is above the rainbow, resonates with the vibration of a meditation room. Conversely, the range of light frequencies, which is below the rainbow spectrum, is slower and resonates with the vibration of a prison. The quality of the light, either above or below the physical light spectrum, corresponds to the focus of the mind. The mind generates a polar attraction for light frequencies that correspond to its own vibration. The criminal attracts dense and low frequencies. The devotee attracts subtle and high frequencies. In both cases, the contemplative mind attracts the light frequencies at either end of the spectrum, but not within the normal middle range.

The middle range of physical light cannot penetrate into form or be attracted by the mind of the criminal or devotee. The reason is because the light is absorbed or reflected but not passed on by the physical structures of the criminal or devotee bodily forms. Quite simply, the problem is a question of shadows. Physical light cannot penetrate a wall for example. The frequencies of the physical light spectrum and the wall share the same range of vibration. However, frequencies that are not of the same vibration possess the ability to pass through the absorbing or reflecting structure. That is, higher dimensional light frequencies, as well as, light below physical density are both capable of passing through Earthly obstacles.

At the lower end, below physical density, negative environments attract light frequencies that are compatible with its polarity and lower vibration. The explanation begins with the principle that light, moving at its own vibration rate, attempts to penetrate physical structures that have much faster vibration rates. If the physical structure and the frequencies are both within the normal range of physical vibration, penetration is impossible. The beam of a flashlight, for example, cannot pass through a sheet of plywood.

However, the slower frequencies, below the rainbow spectrum, starting with the infrared band of light, react differently. At first, the slower light is unable to move through the faster mass. In the process, the slower light surrounds the faster mass. The relative difference in vibratory rates causes collisions. The example illustration might be rocks going through a rock crusher and coming out as gravel. The slower light frequencies break up and fragment upon contact with the molecular mass of the host form’s faster vibration rate. Consequently, the slower light splits into innumerable millions of much smaller light-units. Because of their size, each individual unit is capable of moving within the molecular mass of the host form on its own. The faster host provides gaps through which a flood of slower, but much smaller, light-units pass. The light circumvents the physical mass of the host and penetrates the darkness within and beyond. Once within the dark space of the host form, the myriads of fragmented light-units regroup to become partial or whole light frequencies.

The presence of the slower frequencies in darkened space is significant because it means that lower vibrational entities receive light with which they can resonate. Worms, slugs, and grubs, for example, live under the surface of the Earth. Their experience is the light of slower vibration. With it, they thrive and evolve in harmony with their environment.

In contrast, higher and faster light frequencies involve a different set of variables. Higher light frequencies respond to the attraction of a mind whose contemplative focus resonates with higher vibration. Contemplation creates a magnetic field. In turn, the magnetic field’s polarity attracts light. The contemplative process is the way of meditation.

Higher vibrational light frequencies flow through slower physical forms harmoniously. The relatively wide gaps, found between the molecular structures present in slower forms, negate any appreciable impediment to the movement of faster frequencies. For example, when the mind attracts divine light during its meditation, the walls of the meditation room are no barrier to higher light frequencies. Individual frequencies simply vibrate around and between the spaces of slower mass. Once past the impeding physical form, they re-establish in unison with the overall flow of light. As the faster light flows through the slower form, a slight ripple occurs in its flow pattern, but the quality of the light remains unchanged. Therefore, higher light frequencies, drawn by the attraction of the mind, enter otherwise darkened physical space making significant light available.

The bandwidth of light frequencies, within the rainbow’s spectrum and apparent to the human eye, cannot penetrate through physical form and, therefore, leave behind the darkness of shadows. Light, however, is available to respond both to the attraction of the higher contemplating mind and to the attraction of entities not normally exposed to the physical light of the sun. Light frequencies, both above and below the bandwidth of the rainbow’s spectrum, bypass the blockages of physical forms, thus making themselves available without notice. The entities inhabiting the shadows of physical space are then nourished by the light.

The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate: Available from Amazon HERE.

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