About the Author:   Roger Joyeux

At work on the next book!

Roger Joyeux is the incarnation of a soul that has been on Earth since time began. In this lifetime, his core truth is to bring forth the Body of Knowledge that is the story of the crystals and divine light. Roger began channelling spirit guides in the mid-70s. In the 1990s, he awakened to his spiritual path with a trip to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Ganespuri, India and soon after began channelling for The Councilate of the Ascended Light and the Ascended Masters. Roger works extensively with crystals, conducts workshops, and offers personal sessions. His mission, passion, and divine purpose on Earth is to spread a conscious understanding of the nature of crystals and divine light, and to help individuals complete their paths to enlightenment so they may consciously participate in the divine co-creation of our physical world and achieve the release of the ascension that this new age brings.

From an alternate perspective...

In the beginning, I said: "I surrender, thy will is my will. My life is service to spirit." Then, consciousness showed me thy self as my self and the will disappeared. Later on, I came as One to Earth and immersed in the density of gravity and physical form. So... in heaven, I am heavenly. On Earth, I am Earthly. And with that, I have come to see my self as separate, as individual, for on Earth I am separate and individual. I occupy a water-based, mobile body with a small piece of consciousness. And with that 'I AM', that I am, I have come to realize that my place here is to choose... love or not love. So, I have chosen love, but am I love? I am love to the extent that I am love. I judge myself not, for when I am love and know it, I am love, and when I am not love and do not know it, that I am. As the choice presents itself in an ever-constant flow of reality and illusion, I continue to "surrender, thy will is my will. My life is service to spirit." So, then I see that I am Earthly again, grounded, with no need to connect to spirit. All that I need is here and now. Ascension can wait, I have workshops to conduct, online crystal courses to create, a wife to love, a dog to walk, a neighbour to chat with, books to write, and supper to cook. I have decisions to make, emotions to feel, places to drive my car to, a mother to talk on the phone with. Heaven can wait, I am here and now. But, as I am, I am ALL, that I am. I have passed by the illusion that I can make heaven on Earth. I am, and if that includes heaven on Earth, then it is so. Until, then and there, I have a couple of images to post here and now. I choose love, will you choose it with me, with no expectation that the world will become love? With no expectation that your love will make a difference? With no expectation that love is the required choice for everyone? With no expectation that the love you offer will be received? Expectations are there and then, love is here and now. On Earth, I am Earthly. I choose love and know that not everyone, including myself, will choose love.