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The Crystal Textbook, Illustrated Second Edition

The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment

The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate

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The Crystal Textbook, Illustrated Second Edition

The Crystal Textbook, Illustrated Second Edition So, you want to learn about crystals!

First, crystals work with light. Almost all crystals work directly with light. A very few work indirectly with light. Pyrite, for example, works with the etheric magnetic field. Stilbite, as another example, works with the emotional body. In turn, the etheric magnetic field and the emotional body work directly with light.

Second, light does all the work. Light does the healing, balancing, empowering, cleansing, reconditioning, and more. Light stands ahead of the crystals in the fulfillment of the mission to bring enlightenment to Earth. The role of the crystals is to help bring the light. Crystals bring light to our Solar System, planet, geographical region, dwellings, bodies, organs, cells, and molecules. Crystals set up our bodies to receive light and, in many cases, to remove blockages and density that otherwise prevent the enlightenment process from taking place.

Herkimer Diamond

The Crystal Textbook is laid out in two parts. Part I entitled: Working with Light and Crystals, establishes a foundation of how light works, along with asserting the need for discernment in understanding how crystals work. Part II entitled: The Crystals, discusses individual crystals. It is set up alphabetically, thus providing the reader with an easy way to go directly to the discussion of a particular crystal. Ideally, the reader reads Part I outright, then delves into crystals of interest at her/his leisure.

Because the light does the work, some confusion naturally arises around which crystals contribute to which tasks. The sections on healing and negativity work toward an understanding of the qualities of light that could lead to the misconception that all crystals are healers and that all crystals work with negativity. True enough perhaps, but crystals are specialized.

A section entitled: Crystal Specialization, is included to clarify the specific roles that crystals play by addressing the concept of specialization. Light is central to any understanding of how crystals work, so there is a section in Part I entitled: Basic Characteristics of Light. Densification, fragmentation, and splitting are a few of the difficulties experienced by divine light frequencies as they take on physical density. I cannot stress enough that light has a number of basic characteristics that need to be explained before making sense of the way crystals work.

Although my first two books, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, and The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, cover the characteristics of light and light frequencies quite thoroughly, The Crystal Textbook carries sufficient explanations of the relevant characteristics of light at the appropriate places to ensure that it stands alone. The spiritual devotee is well advised to read both volumes of The Story of Light, but does not need-to-do-so to acquire the advanced understanding of how crystals work with light offered herein.

Selenite Wand

As part of Working with Light and Crystals, included is a section entitled: The Eleven-Chakra System. Having this background information will help in synthesizing the knowledge of the Light Body layout and the roles played by Hematite, Kyanite, Calcite, and Selenite in the invocation of the Light Body. Also included are sections on the rules of thumb for crystal colours, the nature of creativity, and the shortfall that plagues the quality of crystals. Not all aspects of crystals are so straight-forward that background information can be omitted. While most discussions of a given crystal are complete unto themselves, Working with Light and Crystals was placed at the front of the book because of its importance in fleshing out the reader’s inventory of background knowledge. This section could have been included as an appendix, but would then have been after-the-fact.

The section on cleansing, clearing, and empowering crystals is also placed in Part I to similarly elevate its importance and prevent its being missed. Unless the reader has attended my Crystals’ Light Workshop, references to the role of ions-in-solution is likely to offer a new understanding of how crystals are cleansed. Ions are not the only unique insight in this section.

The carpenter (remember Joseph, father of Jesus), politician, rocket scientist, truck driver, and biologist are each specialized occupations. Each discipline bears its own very unique set of skills. One of the primary themes running throughout The Crystal Textbook is that crystals are also highly specialized. Each crystalline vibration is unique, and therefore, each crystal works in its own very specialized way.

Each of the carpenter, politician, rocket scientist, truck driver, and biologist can very easily create new life to become a father or mother. They have a number of other common possibilities as well. Crystals, too, have common possibilities in the sense that the same light frequency can be attracted by a number of different crystals. Attributing the quality or action of the common frequency to one of the crystals, but not the others, provides only a partial truth. There is some crossover of qualities and actions because the light frequencies involved can crossover between different crystals. The complete story revolves around what else the crystals do. The complete story points to the specialization and uniqueness inherent to every different crystal.

Lapis Lazuli Obelisk

By far, the majority of content in The Crystal Textbook discusses a list of the most popular, interesting, or common crystals found on the market in new age crystal shops. In each section, immediately under the crystal’s name is a mnemonic tag. The tag is a means by which to remember the chief characteristic or function of the crystal. For example, Fuchsite is called the ‘Millennium Reconditioner’. Fuchsite is a new age stone that has come during the current millennium. Its role is to recondition the physical body in preparation for receiving many of the unfamiliar light frequencies that are very high and subtle and very new to the physical plane. As further examples, Charoite is The Up-to-Date Stone, Labradorite is the Consciousness Healer and Expander, and Howlite is the Feminine Enhancer.

Immediately following the discussion of the metaphysical properties of each species of crystal are brief outlines of the physical properties. After that are the two subsections on ‘using’ the crystal and ‘what to expect’ using the crystal. Both of these subsections are new to the second edition and specify how to use or not use the crystal along with the nuances that come with its use. Also new to the eBook version of The Crystal Textbook are the many images.

Part of the emphasis on discernment, which I strive to stress in many places in the book, points to the principle that each unique species of crystal works with a specific range of light frequencies, along with a specific part of the physical or subtle body, and in its own way. Which light frequencies are involved? Which parts of the body are involved? How is the crystal manipulating the light to fulfill its role?

Quite often, the crystal is working, not merely with the physical and subtle bodies, but with the soul or other places in the universe where light is created. Perhaps, as with Smoky Quartz, the Godhead is providing divine light directly. The excitement arises with the realization of what the Angelic Ones had to do to help the Godhead’s light make its way into Smoky Quartz. Perhaps, as with Apatite, Earth is the source that created the stone and its light. Excitement also arises with the way numerous other crystals work with light. For example, which crystal uses the technique of splitting light frequencies into their negative and positive aspects? More exciting still, what does splitting light do for the person using the crystal? As another example, which crystal translates the ‘language of light’ into symbols, ideas, and concepts that the intellect can grasp? If the ‘language of light’ arrives in the mind’s intuition as a tenth dimensional vibration, how could the intellect possibly grasp what is meant without the help of the crystal’s translation function?

In getting to the point about why the second edition came about, images are the most noticeable change, but the operative word is maturity. My first two books on divine light and this third book on crystals constitute a significant Body of Knowledge about crystals, spirituality, divine light, and all the nuances that go with understanding God’s will to bring light to the universe and, more lately, to Earth. The wisdom came brick-by-brick a little at a time. Even then, it was overwhelming. As I received the first channels, I quickly came to realize the magnitude of the wisdom that I was being given. My understanding of the knowledge grew with time, as more and more of the subtle aspects of the various subjects became clearer. Draft followed draft. As I wrote, I came to another realization. The information in the written channel was merely the trigger for the awareness of the greater insights that had been deposited into my Conscious Body. These insights were deep within and latent, and they awaited the call of my mind to surface. I would begin to draft the paragraphs and a plethora of concepts came gently forth. There was just so much more to be included.

After a time, there was even a moment when my guides came to me to say that I had sufficiently mastered the Body of Knowledge. They then gave me permission to write as I saw fit with the intention of making the explanation as clear as possible to the reader. Three books followed. The presence of latent wisdom still within my Conscious Body, however, was not exhausted. As well, my physical presence took on higher vibration and, with that, greater capacity to connect with the higher realms of the inter-dimensional universe. Even more divine light frequencies came to augment what was already a massive Body of Knowledge. This is where maturity shows its value. Having achieved clarity of the complexity of the written work, the more subtle aspects of meaning found their way into my awareness. Consequently, I am obliged to share my further insights.

Time generates experience. Experience is a further factor in the offering of the second edition. The growth of my experience with crystals goes without saying, but the Councilate also wanted me to help the reader with his/her understanding. When I first started drafting my books, my writing skills were, let us say—academic. I was already used to writing very in-depth, deep-thought essays on political theory. Try getting top marks in a 20-page dissertation on Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness. I have come to know that my Honour’s Degree in political theory was an excellent training ground for taking on the task of explaining ninth dimensional wisdom using only third dimensional frames of reference. The discipline of writing about political thought translated well to the job of writing about how divine light worked and how crystals work with divine light.

Three books later, two of which are in their second edition, I am happy to say that my writing skills have improved. The more crucial change is that I am realizing where the explanation needs to be expanded from the reader’s perspective. My experience is the reader’s asset. An additional phrase or sentence here-and-there brings colour to the meaning. Adding text has been rather pervasive in the re-write of this edition.

The crystals have shared with me an amazing wealth of insights into themselves, the nature of our world, the spiritual path, and the divine light that goes with it. I am deeply honoured to be in a position to pass their wisdom on to you the reader.

Please enjoy the illustrated second edition of The Crystal Textbook.

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The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment

The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment The spiritual path to enlightenment has speeded up in our current lifetime, but the principles upon which it is based have not changed. What has changed is the involvement and awakening of many newcomers to the spiritual path. Never before has there been so many individuals seeking the road to enlightenment and self-realization.

When The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment first came out in 2000, very few were ready to hear its message, and even fewer were ready to work with it. Since then, consciousness has risen significantly, and is now spreading like wild fire. I have always understood how valuable a resource The Story of Light is for the devotee who seeks to understand the spiritual journey and the way divine light works with us on Earth. Rising demand for the book is the reflection of an ever rising consciousness.

Volume two, The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, is now also available. Volume one is the foundation piece. I believe the reader would have a much more difficult time trying to understand how light works without having first become familiar with the many principles laid out in volume one. Although the discussions of light in both volumes are based upon principles that carry their threads throughout, there is almost no repetition or crossover of topics.

The Story of Light is a comprehensive and inspired Body of Knowledge about how divine light works on Earth and in the heavens. It was inspired from the heavens.

Over a period of a few years, I regularly sat in my meditation room and wrote four to five pages of material, dictated by a cadre of angels called the Councilate of the Ascended Light. To help with receiving the information, I have at home what I can best describe as a portal into higher consciousness. I refer to the copper energy bed mentioned in chapter two. By using the copperboard, along with crystals placed around me, I created a window between the third and higher dimensions. The window allowed the Councilate to plant a great deal of information into my conscious body. The information they gave me was profound. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed, intoxicated, and euphoric all-at-once. I was receiving the story of light.

Copper Energy Bed showing side plates for additional crystals

The Councilate of the Ascended Light has served The Story of Light project by coordinating the flow of information. They are the directors. I am the incarnate channel and the writer. The Councilate is a cadre of some 36 angelic beings including my own higher-self. All but two have, at some time, taken the incarnate form on Earth. As a group, the Councilate has participated previously in the evolution of Earth only once in the past. Shall I venture to say they were present during the activation of the Egyptian pyramids?

Their presence at this moment assists in the enlightenment of Earth and of individuals on Earth. Among other tasks, they work with the energy grid lines surrounding the planet. They are one of several angelic cadres that are creating linkages between places of light energy, wherever they exist on Earth, for the purposes of raising Earth’s vibration and preparing it to receive its Light Body. The process of Light Body invocation, as it relates to individuals, is explained in Chapter Five.

The very first channels came to me in response to my curiosity about crystals. I had acquired a modest collection of various stones, but had no knowledge about how they worked. I asked the Councilate how I should use them. From the information given in the first few channels, I knew that I was being honoured with more than explanations about how crystals worked. The information went straight to how the light itself worked. Each channel revealed a small piece of a much larger puzzle, and each new channel built upon all the previous channels.

The information seemed vast, and it was. Each new idea added to material already received. A foundation of knowledge was built for me to share, and then expanded. Like the first bricks of a building under construction, the first channels foretold of the scale of the project, but did not reveal its shape or countenance. Without the first layer of bricks, the second layer had no place. Each piece of information supported the knowledge revealed in each subsequent piece.

This build-up of knowledge has been necessary because, without it, nothing made sense. The problems with light coming to Earth could not be understood without an understanding of the etheric body first. The awakening of the spirit within the physical body (opening the Kundalini) could not be fully appreciated without explaining the development of the first chakra. The invocation of the Light Body could not be understood without prior knowledge of the role of love. All of the components of The Story of Light came in sequence according to divine intervention from my guides, the Councilate of the Ascended Light.

The records I received were not stored in one convenient location, complete with library file-cards giving the shelf number. At times, the Councilate gave me records they themselves held. At other times, my consciousness travelled to places so high that my Earthly memory could not possibly recall. As well, I know that I was visited by the keepers of some of the records directly. Sometimes, these beings accompanied my guides at the moment I wrote the channel to direct the flow of information coming off the end of my pen. Sometimes, they planted the record into my conscious body, as if to leave an essay for me to read later. A great number of the records were also received by channelling record-keeper crystals.

Records, held on record-keeper crystals, are denoted by a triangle configuration on the surface of the crystal’s facets. The triangle carries the codes for an individual record and is the link to the Akashic Library—creation’s ethereal storehouse of all memory and recorded experience. My own personal vibration carries its own set of codes that are the keys needed to open the Akashic vaults. Both the links through the crystals and the codes of my own vibration were necessary to enter past the keepers guarding the entrance to the records. When I used the crystals, my consciousness entered the Akashic Library.

Smoky Quartz showing triangles indicating akashic records

From whatever source the records came, the complete record was downloaded and stored in my conscious body. Storage in my conscious body, however, is not the same as bringing the record into my mind’s awareness. I was quite unaware of the vast amount of knowledge that I had been given. The original written channel was like the tip of an iceberg. Most of the information remained hidden within my conscious body.

Retrieving the hidden aspects of the records received was an easy, natural process. At first, without being aware of how the process worked, I merely set out to write the written channels. As I did so, a great deal more information surfaced in my mind’s awareness to enhance the concepts at hand. In effect, each record was too large and overwhelming to be contained solely in the words of the original channel. I soon came to realize that my job included the incorporation of the hidden information into the text to provide the reader with optimum understanding.

Draft followed draft. In the beginning, I did my best to preserve the integrity of the channel as first offered. As the work of writing continued, I gained fluency in the language of the light. I began to think of my work with the material as my post-graduate study. At some point during this period of realization, my guides came to me in a very deliberate way. According to them, I had achieved mastery over the Body of Knowledge. They gave me licence to write as I saw fit.

My job has been to translate the concepts provided to me from the dimensions of the beyond, and even of the beyond-the-beyond, into comprehensible English. This translation did not come without a struggle. Sixth-dimensional wisdom for one, and eleventh-dimensional wisdom for another, were not created to fit into third-dimensional frames of reference, limited to width, height, and breadth and focussed only on the here and now. Nonetheless, with a little perseverance and much patience, The Story of Light found its way into written form. I am merely the translator of a body of wisdom destined to become available in our time.

The Story of Light approaches all topics on the basis of how they relate to light. This book is about light: it is not a ‘how-to’ or self-improvement book; it is not a personal story. It has depth.

The first and third chapters take on an historical context, and what you will find at their core are several primary concepts. Chapter One, deals with physical density, and how it has affected the arrival of light on Earth. Chapter Three addresses the innovations that lead to the creation of the first chakra and the innovations from which the spiritual journey itself arose.

Chapter Two, The Etheric Body, could not wait; it had to be placed as near to the beginning as possible. The etheric body’s role in working with light is integral to almost every discussion that follows. Our personal identity, protection, vibrational stability, and everyday interaction with the world around us depend on the etheric body’s ability to manipulate light frequencies. The section on etheric blueprinting generates its own interest around the topics of karmic encoding, parental bonding at birth, and generating the astrological natal chart, but further, this section offers perspectives on how our spirit on Earth is shaped into the individual each of us has come to be.

Chapter Four discusses the seven major chakras. Each chakra was designed to make its own unique contribution to the process of enlightenment on Earth. Because this book is about light and light frequencies, it describes how the chakras work with light.

The final chapter, Enlightenment, explains enlightenment. I have provided, what I hope are, clear definitions for the higher-self, the Light Body, and the soul, as a foundation upon which to explain the process of enlightenment. The time has arrived for all of us to clear away the clouds of mystery that surround spiritual growth, to tell the guarded secrets of the enlightened few, and to realize our potential as light beings. Enlightenment is a straightforward process that anyone having dedication, discipline, and love can achieve.

The Story of Light was built brick-by-brick. The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment is the foundation for understanding divine light. Please allow me to present The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment .

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Introduction to...

The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate

The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate Light is here for everyone. It surrounds us and embraces us just the way we are. Light breathes life into our thoughts and schemes, and into our dreams. It gives us insight to the ways ahead and glimpses of the larger universe.

First, a note on volume one. So, volume one, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment laid the foundation for the Body of Knowledge that explains how light works on Earth. Special emphasis was given to the etheric magnetic field because an understanding of the etheric field is key to understanding the movement of light. The etherics surround every form in the universe and determine which frequencies are accepted and rejected into the body. Given that our Earthly mission is to bring forth the light to enlighten our selves, our environment, and our planet, working with the etherics pervades every action we perform.

The Path to Enlightenment illuminates humanity’s effort to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Realizing the contribution of the chakras as part of the process takes the reader through the history of chakras and exposes the extreme density that has plagued the Earth’s physical presence since the beginning of time. Density is real on our dimension, but it is not something that the vanguard of the angelic realms readily understood upon arrival so long ago. We, collectively—the incarnate and discarnate lightworkers—learned and innovated to achieve the level of enlightenment that we currently enjoy. We are near the completion of our mission. There is more, however, to realize, to know, and to achieve. Hence, volume two.

Volume two, The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate rests upon the foundation of volume one and takes the story considerably further. It starts with the angelic realms by introducing some of the entities and specialized cadres of lightworkers that have contributed to Earth’s journey. Because these lightworkers learned about the darkness only after entering the void, the void is the next topic. Understanding the void and the darkness must precede the discussion about negativity, which is the start of creation’s march into form and light. Negativity needs illumination, just as the vibration of black light frequencies needed illumination in volume one.

From the void to enlightenment is a truly long journey. Volume one discussed some of the innovations used to bring light to Earth. Perhaps the most tragic innovation discussed in volume two is the fate that befell Lucifer in what I am calling the ‘Doomed Experiment’. Although a whole chapter is devoted to what happened to Lucifer, volume two is not about fallen angels; it is about light. So, one of the early explanations in volume two is that of the structure and composition of light frequencies. What are its characteristics? Why does a light frequency behave the way it does? Understanding where light goes and where it cannot go is determined by the Godhead. Where does God extend its vibration or withhold it?

God leads, and we contribute!

Light moves from the Godhead outward and descends into the lower dimensions and onto the Earth by many means. There are many blockages to light. Individuals continue to add to the roster of innovations that make light possible on Earth. Our minds, our will, and our consciousness contribute to the process. The angels help us. We help them. Light moves into our sphere. On Earth, creation starts with the ‘primal construct unit’, which is the basis of our physical world. Four chapters are devoted to just these aspects of light construction, manipulation, and movement as a prelude to how light works with our Solar System on the physical plane.

Volume two takes you to the core of God’s creation by painting the picture of the essence of existence in the heavens and on Earth. From the core, light finds its way through the upper heavens onto the physical plane. The Sun and stars play a unique role. What exactly are the Sun and stars? If what we see is a ball of light, is there more to see? Yes, there is more to see and learn about these topics in volume two.

While each of the planets and the Sun play specific roles within our Solar System, I am compelled to offer a salute to Mars. Life on the physical plane began with Mars. The interesting story here involves putting the effort into context. Even more interesting is the role that lies ahead for Venus. What will it mean for a planet that has a surface temperature of 900°F (480°C, 755°K) to participate in the quest to bring consciousness to the physical dimension? Certainly, there are no water-based bodies. For illumination on these topics see chapter 11, but only after reading about the interaction between the heavens and our Solar System in chapter 10.

What are light stations? Volume two explains the innovation of the ‘light station’. The information about light stations needs its own chapter—Chapter 12. Another subject that needs its own chapter is the involvement of the soul and the innovations that the soul often uses to help with our evolution.

Light eventually does come to Earth after it exits the Godhead, traverses the vastness of the heavens, finds its way into our Solar System, and enters the Earth’s space. Once here, how can we use it? The ‘Consciousness’ and the ‘Emotional Body’, which have their own chapters, are two aspects of humanity’s contribution that greatly facilitate the use and movement of light. These subtle bodies belong to us. Are we clear on how they operate? How do you create thought and why is one person’s thoughts so different from another’s? Why do we have such difficulty in controlling the emotions; and why can we not shut them down at will? The answers await your discovery.

The discussion then moves into the more refined ways of moving light—contemplation, light storage, meditation, will, group consciousness, and more. Have you ever thought that boredom contributes to enlightenment? It does! Have you ever thought of the hockey arena as a place for light empowerment? Read on!

The last three chapters work through the divine plan, the nature of the Godhead and the ascension. We came to bring light to Earth and now our job is near completion. The divine plan has been our road map. What does the map looks like? Volcanoes and Earthquakes are part of the divine plan and, yes, the will and desire can change the plan. Change, however, can and has always been measured. See the section entitled, Schedule of Evolution, in chapter 18 to see what measurement means. We are in God’s image. What volume two says about what else is in God’s image remains to be discovered.

Finally, what happens when we ascend? Misconceptions about the ascension abound. For example, is the ascension a simple case of elevating our vibration into the fifth dimension? After all this time spent working towards the enlightenment of Earth, why would we want to stop only two dimensions above the dimension we are already on? At best, the fifth dimension is a third dimensional concept. For a second example, is there a thought that ‘you’ will ascend, or that all humanity will ascend. There will be an ascension. Who ascends, who stays? See Chapter 20 for the answers.

The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate shows the way—the way home, but also the way here. We are graduating from our experience on the third dimension. We have brought light to this outpost—Earth. Our long journey is near complete and we will soon be going home. When we do, we can be confident that we did our part. The enlightened universe has changed because we have contributed to the realization of enlightenment on the physical plane. Forevermore, our beingness on higher planes will have the capacity to extend its life force into physical form without having to meet the obligation of a contract to stay beyond the whim of the will or to go through the birth-life-death cycle of incarnation. We have earned the right and have acquired the ability to manifest into and out of physical form by choice.

May you enjoy the discovery that awaits you in The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate.

With love and light
S. Roger Joyeux

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